When I look back on my work I find the main source of inspiration are Humanity, Spiritual belief, Politics and Human Beings, especially ordinary people. I call them “Ordinary Souls” and I am one of them so I endeavour to express their common sufferings, grief, and relationships on individual and collective levels. Exploring different Religions I examined spirituality, Sufism, and the diversity, of different sects. In politics I have addressed local and global issues and the war of propaganda that has been misleading us.
Once, after visiting my studio someone asked: “What motivates you to work?” I replied, most probably the urge for self expression; as sensitive being I feel and experience inner and outer world impressions that I share through my work.
I pondered that question many times; What motivates you to work; and realized it is not as simplified as thought. I questioned myself: Do I truly work to express myself, or for fame and appreciation, or to prove how talented I am. The answer was accumulative of all, but the percentage of the first reason was highest by far.
So, if I work to express myself then what is my “self”? Who am I, where have I come from, why am I here, to where must I return? … and my mind is an in turmoil again.
To me inquiry is life and while it exists questioning is the essence of it if one is to keep moving and evolving. So much is happening out there that one cannot cease to question oneself … especially if you are an Artist.
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