About Marjorie Husain

Marjorie Husain is a notable art critic and has played a significant role in promoting Pakistan’s art and culture nationally and internationally. She has curated and organized art exhibitions around the world and her writings have been published in all the major newspapers and magazines of the country. She has also authored numerous books on art, including biographies of Pakistani Art Masters.

In The Studio With Abdul Jabbar Gull

An unassuming, cheerful young man, Abdul Jabbar Gull insists he has a lot to be thankful for. Currently teaching sculpture at Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture, where a […]

Celebrating Ordinary Souls

The style is monumental, created from a minimal palette, the inspiration a self-portrait – introspective, rugged with troubled expression. The recent work of Abdul Jabbar […]

The African Experience

Looking at art in post Apartheid South Africa, one wonders at the forms in common that may exist between previously separated societies linked by a […]

Jabbar’s winged thoughts

Seemingly fluttering wings predominate Abdul Jabbar Gull’s most recent collection of artworks at the Canvas Gallery, Karachi. There, a collection of work sculpted in metal: brass, aluminum and mild steel, […]

Searching In The Third Dimension

Abdul Jabbar Gull carves directly in wood, forms that are starkly distinctive, endowing the individual pieces with an extraordinary sense of the organic con-texture of the figure. In the purity […]

A Singular Aesthetic Philosophy

Abdul Jabbar Gull’s extensive exhibition at the Ejaz Gallery, Lahore, addresses and extends the range and development of a singular aesthetic philosophy. The presentation  includes  large  scaled,  carved  wood  forms,  […]